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Carlos Delgado

Abstract portrait painting

Carlos Delgado

I have always loved to paint. But already from the beginning, when I was a small child playing around with pens and markers, I challenged myself and went beyond the obvious.

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Carlos Delgado

Carlos Delgado paints abstract portraits. They are abstract in the sense that they don’t represent the image of someone specific, instead they are the creation of the artists experience and memories. These abstract portraits have gained huge appreciation from galleries, collectors and other artists all over the world.


"My works explore a multitude of expressions and ranges of human self-expression. Focusing on capturing the subtleties of emotions and experiences as expressed through the face and the body, it becomes a reflection of each individual being and humans as a whole. The environment that I am, including all of the cultural and social aspects, are the influences and the subjects of my work."



Introduction of the artist   (12:05)


Equipment and workspace   (08:39)


Sketch with marker   (11:43)


Create a portrait in charcoal  (22:21)


Outline the subject with liquid acrylics   (10:44)


Complete painting - Light composition   (57:17)


Complete painting - Dark composition   (47:00)


Complete painting - Composition with hands  (41:13)


Final thoughts and advice  (07:56)

Lohme Art Academy Carlos Delgado Paint t

9 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Carlos Delgado

Online workshop

In this video workshop, Carlos Delgado talks about and demonstrate the process behind the abstract portraits for which he is known. He discusses inspiration and creativity, how it can be understood and how to unleash it. Different sketching techniques is demonstrated followed by the making of three different paintings from start to finish. Each painting process is guided and demonstrated, covering the full range of his artistry.

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