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Sergey Piskunov Photorealism Workshop Lo

Sergey Piskunov

Photorealism with oil

Sergey Piskunov

"If you like the process of painting, the result will definitely come."

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Sergey Piskunov

Ukrainian artist Sergey Piskunov is widely recognized for his way of carrying out photorealism with oil. The human figure is most often his subject of choice but to challenge himself further he incorporates different elements such as water or crackled blank surfaces. Dealing with lightening reflections in other elements gives the painting another dimension and becomes something more than a photorealistic portrait.

With strong determination, Piskunov continuously pushes himself on his path, and embodies new ideas into magnificent paintings.



Introduction of the artist  (01:25)


Which materials to use  (05:19) 


Underpainting  (03:38)


Sketch the subject (06:16)


Oil painting - start  (01:10:23)


Oil painting - middle  (01:46:14)


Oil painting - finish (31:29)


Final advice  (01:34)

Sergey Piskunov Photorealism Workshop Lo

8 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Sergey Piskunov

Photorealism with oil

In this self-paced video workshop, Sergey Piskunov talks about and demonstrates the full range of his painting process. He explains his general approach to photorealism, how he chooses subjects and how to deal with layers in a way which gives smooth and natural surfaces. The demonstrations covers the entire creative process, from choosing materials and sketching the subject to all of the different stages to the complete painting. He guides the different steps and explains how to tackle different aspects of the painting process, giving the student an invaluable toolkit to apply in their own artistry.

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