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Peter Terrin Online workshop Lohme Art A

Peter Terrin

Painting with palette knives

Peter Terrin

"Painting is my mistress, my wife, my friend, my enemy - a complete addiction."

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Peter Terrin

Art has always been a part of Peter´s life, the need to paint is as vital as breathing for his mind and soul. His artistry is recognized by portraits on large scale canvases, painted with palette knifes and heavy body acrylics.


This characteristic way of painting gives the subject a dynamic expression. Peter incorporate different influences and combine artistic approaches in a way which enables him to create something that becomes more than just a portrait. 



Introduction of the artist   (14:18)


Studio tour and workspace   (11:21)


Color mixing and palette knife technique   (23:53)


Stretch the canvas and do the sketch  (22:11)


Complete painting – Woman portrait    (50:16)


Final details and splashing  (25:40)


Discussing certification, galleries and social media  (20:00)


Final advice  (03:22)

Peter Terrin Online workshop Lohme Art A

8 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Peter Terrin

Online workshop

In this video workshop, Peter Terrin talks about and demonstrates the process of painting the large-scale portraits and animals with palette knifes for which he is known. He discusses the core of his artistry and the mindset that has taken him to the point where he is today. He demonstrates useful techniques for painting with palette knife and how to create dynamic texture with acrylics. Follow the full painting process from a raw canvas to a complete artwork. 

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