Erik Formoe

"The style can be described as "Retro Contemporary Art" - The artistic expression is based on both a retro perspective and on new ideas and techniques. "


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New artworks will be presented in 2020

At the first encounter, Formoe´s paintings seem obvious, innocent and public. Erik Formoe is a riddle teller. Each image may be thousand pictures. Each question he poses can lead to thousand responses, or a thousand new questions.

"I'm interested in people, we see incredibly many people every day, everyone who passes us on the street or that we see in the store. We see them, and they have a story to tell, but we know nothing about them. I call my motives 'Silent storytellers'. They are like the man in the street who makes you wonder, "who is the person behind?" Then every person becomes a mystery. Not because they wants to be, but because the viewer makes them into it."


People in Erik Formoe’s images are silent storytellers. They are anonymous figures who might meet, or maybe not. Apparently, they are introverted melancholics. They know something. You can take part in their secrets, if you are curious enough. Memories are eternal, even if they are created only once. Erik Formoe’s paintings dwell on this subject.