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2020.11.27 - 2020.12.31


In collaboration with Nordic Art Agency we present the second edition of the much appreciated HANSA LOVES ART concept. A pop-up exhibition featuring 15 artists from all over the world. The exhibition will be held in Hansa's premises on Stora Nygatan during the Christmas period. 

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2020.11.16 - 2020.12.16

An exhibition concept by Visionary Projects, co-curated and juried by Lohme Art Gallery.

Disrupting the Stillness nurtures some of the innate qualities and feelings defining abstract art— and in a time where much of our world is experiencing a sense of isolation, disrupting the stillness of life through the act of creation is a powerful commodity.

Including the artists: Brigitte Balbinot, Judi Brice, Angela Bell, Danielle Lauzon, Alena Grishko, Terry Beard, Thekla Papadopoulou, Kim Marra, Penny Rulyancich, Ewa Matyja, Macarena Salinas, Camille Selhorst, Andrea Ehret, Kelly Rossetti, Rob Padley, Nazia Rushdi, Yishay Hogesta, Courtney Minor, Amir Hariri, Margriet Hogue, Morgan Hale, Karen Marki, Jyoti Bharwani, Anna Carll, Maggie Perrin-Key, Johnna Slaby, Silvia Felizia, Jeanette Innala, Robin Olsen, Justin N.Kim, Paul Gravett, James Greco, Cat Tesla, Daniela Pasqualini, Christopher Fox, Karli HennemanFabian Ewert, Tracey Adams, Vanessa Gkouliopoulou, Karin Czermak, Sophie Bosselut, Ingrid Matthews, Emily Hope, Jamie Jorndt, Steven Villano, Hannah Thomas, Sigurdur Olafsson, Tara Leaver, Lyndsay Milne Mcleod, Aleksandra Staniorowska, Lena Zak, Carla Ciuffo, Leena Cho, Christina Kwan, Ed Grant, Annabel Elston, Raul de la Torre, Natalie Dadamio, Nina Temple, Carly Tyll, Frauke Feuchter, Janine Etherington, Valerie Blauvelt, Elisa Valenti and Heather Chontos.

Learn more about the concept and visit the virtual exhibition here


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