2. still far yet too close1.JPG

27 Augusti - 18 September

The traveler in the paintings is constantly moving forward, exploring and searching, she creates new experiences all the time. At the same time, she strives to take in what is happening around her, she wants to stop, breathe, feel and just be. And remember. She feels strongly that it is important to be able to relive and retell at some point in the future. She finds strength and an inner richness in all her memories.


Sara Rosengren's art is often about searching, both external and internal. This exhibition continues the story while deepening already explored areas. Here we see a clearer attraction to figurative environments, to some extent familiar but mostly new. The color scheme continues to be down to earth and with a discreet elegance. With a soft hand and a determined gaze, the artist allows us to continue to take part in this magnificent journey.