Tomas Hammar_Lohme Art Gallery_Abstract

28 April - 12 June
Is there a Swedish expression in art? Does it matter if an exhibition only contains works of art from Swedish artists compared to international artists? When artists (just like everyone else) spend more time on Instagram than visiting exhibitions, are they at all inspired by what they have around them?


The artists included in this exhibition comes from different backgrounds, educations and experiences. They create art in very different ways and span the field between abstract and figurative. The only commonality is the nationality.

Participating artists:
Mikael Takacs
Tomas Hammar
Sara Rosengren

This exhibition will not have an opening reception due to prevailing circumstances. You are most welcome to visit us during regular opening hours or book a time for private viewing outside opening hours.

We follow the public health authorities' recommendations and take in a maximum of 5 visitors to the gallery at a time.