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Voka, Lohme Art Gallery, Spontanious Realism.jpg

"Spontaneous Realism"

Exhibition opening March 18

Voka coined the term "Spontaneous Realism" as a trademark for his art and this formulation is truly the foundation of his artistry. What makes Voka unique, even among other great artists of today, is his capability to see the moment with such clarity. In a blink of an eye he catches the essence and dynamics of the scene, translating and rebuilding it in his characteristic way. Decades of practice makes it possible for him to be led by a natural intuition when composing the artworks, ha works fast with natural movements and is completely present in every graceful brushstroke.

By now, Voka has made a distinct impression on the contemporary art scene and can be found in impressive collections around the world. However, this has in no way changed his relationship to painting, he makes art with the same joy and passion as he ever did.

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