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Jack Ede

"Jack is constantly challenge himself, bringing experience from other genres when creating his astonishing hyper realism."

Jack Ede is a multi-talented artist born and raised in Scotland, currently living in Denmark, where he actively continues to develop his artistry. He is continuously exploring the hyper realistic art genre on a fascinating level. With nothing but pen and paper he creates art that appear to the naked eye so realistic that people instinctively stretch out their arm to touch it.


In many of his artworks he dedicates endless hours to create the realistically figurative art that at first glance appears to be three dimensional. Jack's curiosity for his own artistic expression has no limit, he is constantly trying new things and he brings with him his experience from other genres when he is creating his astonishing hyper realism.  

All listed artworks by Jack Ede are for sale and can be requested for purchase

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