Jucivaldo Tavares

"Tavares innovative style is a well composed explosion of abstract precision"

Infinite composition
60 x 60 cm, 700 €
Spring form
40 x 40 cm, 500 €
40 x 40 cm, 500 €
Lonely day
30 x 30 cm, 380 €
30 x 30 cm, 380 €
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Tavares was born under the tropical sun of the city of Salvador, Bahia, and his painting is the translation of the Brazilian heat boiling inside the four lines of the white canvas.

His paintings are always well planned. What colors to juxtapose on to the canvas are carefully selected. But once he start, he goes of on an adventure that aims, but never succeeds, to still his curiosity.

When he work, Tavares sees everything from figurative landscapes to shapes and colors in its purest forms. His long training in his workmanship allows him to trust his technique and freely discover where his innovative style might take him.

The results are warm, caring, seductive and full of joy. The viewer is welcomed into an endless maze of color allowing for limitless interpretations and feelings.

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40 x 40 cm, 500 €