Martin Sonnleitner

"I don`t think about art while I work - I try to think about life"

The Hollywood Jesus
100 x 80 cm, 3 000 €
Ron & Keith Live
100 x 80 cm, 3 000 €
James Dean
100 x 80 cm, 3 000 €
70 x 70 cm, 2 400 €
The Fab 4
100 x 80 cm, 3 000 €
PoP Dylan
60 x 50 cm, 1 800 €
100 x 80 cm, 3 000 €
AC/DC Solo
70 x 50 cm, 1 900 €
Boys don't cry
100 x 80 cm, 3 000 €
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Martin Sonnleitner combines the myth of the persona with the real human behind it when he depicts 20th century culture legends. Exaggeration and alienation of the faces is the starting point to get away from classic portraiture, this is followed by the mix of styles matched by the many different viewpoints the public holds on these figures. The finishing touches includes everything from cartoonlike overemphasizes to personal reflections, making his work provocative and confrontational, but also objective and critical of his source imagery.


Sonnleitner comments on media imagery, and fame as a modern spectacle. Figures in the work are seductive, yet disassembled by the very marks that create them. In this sense Sonnleitner’s work is a type of contemporary pop art.


"I don`t think about art while I work. I try to think about life. I`m trying to recreate artificial influences as a mix of different styles and technic ending up in the nowtime of my own contemporary art. That`s the only way to reinvent my viewing point of art and myself as an artist. These scenes are my social commentary of modern art life."

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