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Emma Lindstrom has taken the next step

Despite great success and appreciation, Emma Lindstrom continues to go outside her comfort zone, blow up new barriers and go to the forefront of her genre.

Emma Lindström is one of our most popular artists and we have had a fantastic collaboration for over three years. Her intuitive sense of form and composition is outstanding and the color transitions in her work are balanced and harmonious. Digesting Emma's artworks gives a feeling of infinity, that everything belongs together and nothing has an end.

Earlier this year we had received an indication that her artistry had evolved further but when we visited her in the studio we were still surprised. Among other things, she had created three-dimensional works made up of sections with plexiglass that changed color based on their relationship to the lighting. Each part was a work of art in itself, but together they complemented each other and lifted the experience to a new level.

Another concept, which she developed together with her husband, Richard Lindstrom, was, if possible, even more spectacular. They had mounted speakers inside the works of art and composed music themselves to create a holistic art experience. The sound is transported with the help of the artworks and it really gives the feeling that the works have their own sound.

Emma's artistry knows no boundaries and it is not surprising that so many within the genre look up to her. This year she was asked to teach her skills and in collaboration with Fluid Art Academy the course "How to paint Fluid Art" was produced. Emma saw the opportunity to get back to the community of artists, within the genre which she herself is a part of, and who has meant so much to her.

The course was recently released at and the response has been monumental. Artists from all over the world have already registered and Emma is overwhelmed by praise for the way she is now contributing to the development of other artists.


"It's really a privilege to work with Emma, her energy and creativity permeates her personality as well as her artistry. She has been experimenting with new materials and compositions, but nevertheless her unique imagery is just as present and intact, which testifies to high artistic integrity and quality."

- Mikael Eskilsson, Gallery manager


Now two of Emma's plexi boxes are available through Lohme Art gallery, click here to read more about the artist and see all the available works.


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