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Erik Formoe's continued success

Now taking part in another prestigious collection.

The Norwegian artist Erik Formoe has been working as an artist for 30 years and has a successful career behind him with critically acclaimed exhibitions around the world. His style is described as "Retro Contemporary Art" and he has an incredible ability to constantly develop his artistry and with subtle messages tell us what he sees in our world.

Formoes style is described as "Retro Contemporary Art"

Eileen Kaminsky is a renowned New York art collector who has taken a liking for Formoe's painting. She started her journey as an art collector in 1990 and has built up an impressive collection over the years where several works of Formoe are included.


Formoes style is described as "Retro Contemporary Art"


Recently it was time for Formoe to once again catch the eye of a major international art collector. This time it was a collector from Ireland, famous for its penchant for pop and contemporary art, who invested in the work "Jenny", completed by Formoe in 2017. The collector has previously acquired works of artists such as the legendary street artist Banksy, and of Ryan Hewitt who has really been in the spotlight in recent years.

Artwork "Flashback" by Erik Formoe

Now, Lohme Art Gallery has been given the opportunity to present three new works by Erik Formoe who are truly characteristic of his artistry. Click here to see the works and read more about the artist.


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