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First European exhibition by AM DeBrincat

AM DeBrincat's unique artistry has generated great attention at home in the US. Her paintings have an immediate effect on the viewer and galleries, art magazines and art collectors stand in line to get a part of her. We are incredibly proud to present her first solo show in Europe, "Hello Sunshine".

AM DeBrincat uses a fascinating blend of techniques in her artistic practice. Modern digital photography and image editing are mixed with old print transfer methods that put a unique touch on the works. The portraits, which mediates subtle expressions, constitutes each painting's hub and is constructed with a harmonious palette of oil paints.The meeting of the modern and the old-fashioned is also a central theme in her artistic perspective. How our digital culture affects our relationship with ourselves and others.

That we have a personality online, and another offline and how they sometimes merge, and sometimes conflict. In her work as a portrait artist, AM DeBrincat sees it as her natural task to capture the self in, and behind, the selfie.


"AM DeBrincat incorporates her entire generation's digital transformation and the ambivalence that has emerged through it, in her artistry. With her peculiar style and great painting skills, she creates works of art that are both visually appealing and open to interesting questions. Are we missing something essential because we stare down in the screen of our phones all the time? Perhaps, but at the moment, I just want to stop and enjoy how beautifully portrayed our contemporary can be."

- Mikael Eskilsson, gallery manager Lohme Art Gallery


AM DeBrincat's art has attracted great attention and has recently spread to galleries from New York to Los Angeles, from the United States to Australia, and now for the first time as a solo exhibition to Europe and Malmö. Furthermore, a presence in social media is almost necessary for her entire artistry and these platforms welcome her with open arms. Art magazines are just as interested and are constantly writing and making new interviews.

Learn more about the artist and see available artworks here


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