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Lohme Art Academy

As long as there has been art, there have been different forms of learning. Our ambition with Lohme Art Academy is to give artists all over the world the possibility to learn in an inspiring and user-friendly way.

Centuries ago, the great masters had apprentices who embraced their knowledge of technique, color theory and composition. Much has happened since then, today there are books, university education, workshops and other forums for aspiring artists to deepen their knowledge in. But what really creates the prerequisite for learning, what makes an ambitious practitioner develop and take her abilities to new heights? Some would say this is about the most sophisticated education, that if you only get instructions on the most appropriate ways to mix color pigments, understand perspective and apply techniques, you will become a skilled artist.


Our instructors share what they love and convey it in an intuitive and unconstrained way. This is what inspires and motivates learning.


These ingredients are off course necessary, but that does not mean that they are the most relevant. We are convinced that the most important component for development comes from inspiration. When you are inspired, your focus increases and you are more open and responsive to new knowledge. But most importantly, it leads to motivation to learn and a genuine willingness to take your practice to new levels.

We could have put together a comprehensive education on everything you need to know about materials and technology, we could have hired a professor to explain all the elements of how an image is composed in a properly accepted way. We chose to do something completely different. We chose to produce a series of workshops with artists who really stand out in their genre, who have the ability to inspire with their artistry, which aspiring artists look up to and want to learn from. They do not teach all aspects of academic art, they share their passion, what drives them to reach where they are today, they share what they love and convey it in an intuitive and unconstrained way. This is what inspires and motivates learning.

All workshops are video based where the instructor demonstrates and explains the process. By making them available online, they are not limited to where in the world you are, they are globally accessible. It also gives you the opportunity to go through the workshop as many times as you like. Inspiration and learning are a fresh product and having it available all the time, with just a few clicks away, allows you to continue to develop towards full potential at your own pace. Artistry is in all of us, we just need to get the right tools to give it an outlet and let it flourish.

Go to the academy to see all workshops.


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