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Lohme Art Gallery digitized

We have entered an era of digitization and huge amounts of new information are available online every day. We have seen how social media have blurred the private sphere and how new communities have taken shape in forums online.

This process is ongoing and companies that have previously been completely dependent on the physical venue have reconsidered and moved their business online. The same goes for the art industry, of course. An industry that has long been considered conservative and pretentious now must become accessible and open, creating major challenges for several players.

Just a few decades ago, an upcoming show could be mythical and anticipated by expectations and curiosity. Today, more or less every artwork created during the 21st century is online, via websites and social media, accessibility is the word of the day.


"The preconditions change and so do we"


For Lohme Art Gallery, this is a gratifying development. We have great experience of online-based work and channels like Instagram and Facebook are a natural extension of our physical showrooms. Our focus is on giving the visitor the most pleasant experience possible, whether the visit is in the gallery or online. We are continuously working on taking new steps in the global marketplace, and an attractive website is as natural to us as inviting premises.

The same applies to our service and our customer satisfaction. We place a great deal of attention on availability and to give the art collector as well as the curious visitor a warm online care. We are constantly developing our skills in these areas and, among other things, can be proud of Goggle giving our website 95 of 100 ranking points in user experience.


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