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Now on Artsy

For several years, Artsy have been the leading online platform for art galleries and collectors to connect.

"Jimi" by Voka, avalable through Lohme Art Gallery at Artsy

By combining a timely approach, professional service and significant knowledge about the art industry they are now the obvious choice for the modern art dealer with high ambitions, partners include prestigious institutions such as MoMA, Tate Modern, Gagosian and Pace Gallery.

Lohme Art Gallery has reached a maturity and capacity to break new grounds and expand our business. We are now working with rising stars as well as highly established international artists and our ambition is to keep moving forward, push boundaries and give excellent service to our clients. At this time, it feels natural to join Artsy and thereby get the possibility to expose the gallery and the artists we represent to a wider audience.

This is what Mikael Eskilsson, Gallery manager at Lohme Art Gallery, says about this initiative; “For me Artsy is more than just an excellent platform for galleries and art collectors. They are driven by a vision which I can relate to. Early on, Artsy was nothing more than an ambitious tech startup in the art industry but they differenced in one important matter, they did not aim for one specific topic or solution. They really wanted to go all the way and did not settle for less. With hard work, brilliant strategies and perfect timing they created the most powerful online art platform the world has seen.”


"I have the same perspective managing the gallery, why should we do like everyone else when we can do it better."


"The art industry still evolves around traditions and conventions that is meritocratic and unfavorable for most parties, even the consumer. In my opinion, art should be about experience, this is what we want to bring to our visitors and clients. Yes, we represent artists with great resumes, but this is not why we work with them, we do it because they, just as us, want to constantly challenge themselves and go beyond the expected.”

Lohme Art Gallery on Artsy:


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