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Spontaneous Realism by Voka

The term 'Spontaneous Realism' was coined by the Austrian artist Voka and is today his signature. Voka paints, in his characteristic way, with enthusiasm and intensity, the brush dances across the canvas and it is difficult to understand how this intuitive process can result in such outstanding and accurate figuration. Voka himself gives the explanation as simple as the obvious; "I have dealt with painting for a very, very long time in a very slow and intense way."

Early in life, Voka studied diligently realism and the old masters way of painting. He worked carefully with oil paint and learned to recreate what his eyes saw with high precision. It was not until much later, when he began to paint with watercolor, that he realized what effect a more impulsive design could have.

When Voka later began to work with acrylic paint, he was able to join principles from the other two disciplines. There was thus a prerequisite for creating an interesting dynamic and complexity, but most importantly, Voka was now able to unleash all his talent and skill in a unstoppable flow.

Voka is still using a subject when he begins a painting, but reproducing it as perceived by the eye is no longer relevant to him. Whether he is making a portrait or a landscape, the motif is now just a vague point of reference, the process itself is what defines the finished painting. Contrasts that arise, the direction of the brushstrokes, how the color flows over the canvas, all parts of the process are an intimate interaction between Voka and the execution itself. He does not stop for further analyzes, he lets himself, spontaneously, follow his intuition and every impulse lead to new bold brushstrokes and color changes.


After decades of practice, he has not only built up a striking skill, he has defined his own style that allows him to create in symbiosis with the inherent energy, power and passion he possesses. The result is neither more nor less than brilliant, the artworks have a presence and dynamics that are rarely seen.


By now, Voka has built up a great following, he is represented by established galleries in Europe and the US and is found in several prestigious collections around the world. Despite this, he is humble to both life and his artistry and most importantly, he still creates art with the same passion and joy that he always did.

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