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Who we are

All about experience, passion and ambition to constantly move forward

Lohme opened in 2015 by brothers Kalle Eskilsson and Mikael Eskilsson. We have a modern approach to the art industry and is highly specialized in the field of contemporary art. Today, we have clients and collaboration partners worldwide and we are constantly breaking new ground to be in the frontline for how to represent and promote artists in the 21st century.


We encourage talent, personality, innovative expression and potential. Some of our artists are worldwide recognized and others are emerging stars of tomorrow. The commonality is the same as for the gallery – high ambition and the courage to challenge perspectives.

Art consultation

No matter if you look for a single artwork to enriches your life or a complete solution for your 10-floor company, we guide you to the right solution. We also assist you with strategic decision regarding your existing collection or help you in the process of building.

Worldwide service

We do not see distance as a problem, art is universal and so is our service and working field. Wherever you are, we find the right solution for shipment and delivery.

Any questions or considerations?

Just let us know

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