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Tomas Hammar

"For me, balance is everything. On the one hand, I break things down mathematically and calculate beauty; on the other, I let chance and coincidence challenge me to evolve."

Artworks by Tomas Hammar

Below is a selection of paintings from the artist Tomas Hammar. To receive a catalog of available artworks, please contact us.

Tomas Hammar is a self-taught artist who works mainly through abstract expressionism. His thick color palette is merging within itself in a beautiful interplay between harmony and chaos, balance and contrast. Because of his usage of acrylic paint he can work at a rapid speed and with full focus feel the freedom of creation lend itself over to him. The work is constantly under development and literally changes shape throughout each layer of expression. 


Ever since childhood he has been fascinated by creativity and the beauty of nature all around him and still to this day it is the everyday matters that inspire him the most. To him art is the purest way of expressing oneself and his way to experience a space where there are no rules but simply a movement of polarities into unity. 

Tomas Hammar Painting Lohme Art Gallery.

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