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Lohme Art Academy

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Joseph Lorusso

Teaches: Figurative painting with oils

Online workshops

We believe that all creative people should have the opportunity to follow their ambitions and fulfill their potential


Full access

All content is available for unlimited streaming on all devices

Video content

All online video workshops are in full HD @ 1080p

100% Exclusive

Learn from some of the most inspiring artists

The concept

Enthusiasm and inspiration are fundamental for creativity and lies at the core of our concept. We are convinced that the best learning process comes from motivation to practice. Our strive is to support your aspiration to artistic progress and to become a better artist.

Lohme Art Academy provides a series of online workshops with selected artists that stands out in their genre so you can learn how to become a better artist. Each instructor teaches their own style of painting and guides throughout the creative process. The focus is upon giving you inspiration and knowledge, to improve your own artistry, in a user friendly, fun and relevant way.

We love art and innovative solutions, but most importantly, we want to inspire artists to fulfill their potential and become better artists.

- Mikael Eskilsson, Lohme Art Academy


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