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Amy Kour

Portraits in watercolor

Amy Kour

"Sometimes you need to set up tasks that seems impossible and just do it"

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Amy Kour

Moscow based Amy Kour creates realistic portraits in watercolor with a unique touch. Amy finds a lot of inspiration in people and the human expression which is the main subject for her artistry. The elegant expression in her work comes from a combination of soft transitions and very precise details.

Without a formal art education, but with great determination, Amy has learned to master this medium in an eminent way.



Introduction of the artist   (03:21)


Which materials to use  (06:03)


Mixing colors  (11:57)


Making the sketch  (15:15)


Demonstrations and exercises    (26:04)


Complete portrait in watercolor  (02:35:30)


Final advice  (01:54)

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7 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Amy Kour

Online workshop

In this video workshop, Amy Kour talks about and demonstrates the process of painting portraits in watercolor for which she is known. She demonstrates useful techniques for painting with watercolor, how to mix colors, making a sketch and which exercises she has used to develop her artistry.  Follow the full painting process from a blank paper to a complete portrait with Amy's guiding.

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