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Emanuel De Sousa Online workshop Lohme A

Emanuel De Sousa

Figurative painting with acrylics

Emanuel De Sousa

"Subjects and issues that you can approach and work with is unlimited. I think it is worthwhile to impose yourself challenges in order to reach the level you invision yourself to be at."

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Emanuel De Sousa

Emanuel de Sousa, born on Madeira Island, Portugal, is a contemporary artist based in the United Kingdom. With bold brush strokes he portray the human figure in different surroundings, always looking for new compositions to challenge himself. The pantings are constructed with a rough charcoal base and completed with a harmonious acrylic color palette. Both the process and end result are intense in resolve and attitude, transporting the observer into the center of the narrative.

De Sousa is now recognized on the International art scene with praised solo exhibitions in Europe and the United States.



Introduction of the artist  (09:15)


Artistic approach  (12:40) 


Subject and composition  (05:08)


Sketch with charcoal  (37:26)


Which materials to use  (24:34)


Making the background  (08:44)


Setting up the palette  (07:28)


Complete painting process  (3:46:04)


Final advice  (03:20)

Emanuel De Sousa Online workshop Lohme A

9 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Emanuel De Sousa

Online workshop

In this video workshop, Emanuel De Sousa talks about and demonstrates the full range of his painting process. He explain his general approach to art, how he choses subject and how to deal with composition. The demonstrations covers the entire creative process, from making the charcoal sketch to a complete painting. He guides the different steps and explain how to tackle different aspects of the painting process, giving the student an invaluable toolkit to apply in their own artistry.

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