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Tomas Hammar

Abstract expressionism

Tomas Hammar

"My artistry is a constant interplay between chaos and harmony. The beauty lies in the balance between those contrasting forces."

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Tomas Hammar

The expressionistic artistry by Tomas Hammar is based on an effort to achieve balance and to find beauty in the contrasting forces chaos and harmony. The color transitions and denominations are diverse, in some parts they are sharply contrasted, and then emerge into soft subtle shifts.

The creative process is an interplay between accuracy and intuitive impulses which give each artwork its characteristic expression. It is in these abstract breakpoints, through the interaction between harmony and chaos, that the artist’s creativity and ability flourish and affect.



Introduction of the artist   (03:48)


Equipment and workspace   (03:54)


Complete painting – Using sponges   (45:28)


Complete painting – Release creativity  (37:21)


Complete painting – Using scraper   (37:09)


Thank you and final encouragement   (00:35)

Tomas Hammar Lohme Art Academy Online wo

6 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Tomas Hammar

Online workshop

In this video workshop, Tomas Hammar talks about and demonstrate the process behind the abstract expressionistic artworks for which he is known. He discusses inspiration and motivation, talks about how he composes an artwork and shows what visual effects this can make you achieve. Each painting process is guided and demonstrated, covering the full range of his artistry, emphasizing the specific tools which are used to create the different outcomes. 

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