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Julia Koceva


Julia Koceva

"I think the doubt you feel, and the questions you have, may work as a catalyst for you to keep pushing yourself and your art in the direction you wish to go."

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Julia Koceva

Swedish stippling artist Julia Koceva is one of the international foreground figures in this genre. She is most known for the way she deals with composition and the way she combines large smooth surfaces with precise details. The human figure is her main subject, she is fascinated by all the unique characteristics and the various complexity due to texture, tone and shape. She usually combines this with other elements such as flowers to bring a certain dynamic to the artwork. 

Without a formal art education, but with great determination and high ambition, Julia has learned to master this technique.



Introduction of the artist  (13:32)


Which materials to use  (06:25) 


Subject and composition  (05:57)


Making the sketch  (01:29:49)


Outlining  (19:13)


Making the flowers  (05:32:58)


Making the hand  (03:39:20)


Details and improvements  (01:09:01)


Final advice  (02:55)

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9 Lessons

Technique demonstrations and instructions by the artist

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Julia Koceva

Online workshop

In this video workshop, Julia Koceva talks about and demonstrates the process of stippling for which she is known. The lessons covers everyhting needed to know to start or continue stippling: How to pick the right subject, what to think about regarding materials and tools, dealing with composition, approaching highlights and shadowing, and the techniques she has used to develop her artistry. Follow the full drawing process from a blank paper to a complete artwork.

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