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Carlos Delgado is back in Sweden

When we first came into contact with Carlos Delgado's art about 3 years ago, we were completely overwhelmed. This talented artist had a tremendous inner drive to portray the community around him.

He did murals, pencil sketches, oil paintings and even drawings with markers directly on his own hand. For a little while we thought it was a special momentum, but that was before we got the privilege of getting to know Carlos better. He literally lives his art, his views of what makes us human in the most naked and honest form and his inherent willingness to convey what he sees through portraiture, is as natural a part of him as breathing.

Before our first exhibition with him, in September 2017, we did not know how the public would receive his art. The portraits may at a first glance appear dark and dystopian. After the opening, however, all doubts were erased. The raw and sincere expression made a strong impression on everyone who saw them. The works provide space for both self-reflection and thoughts about the coexistence of humanity.

What Carlos really wants to highlight is how we look beneath the surface, behind the facade we so often try to maintain to appear in different ways in different contexts. How the barriers we build keep us from opening up and living fully.


We were all created naked and unpolished, Carlos's artworks are a reminder that this natural state exists within all of us, regardless of cultural or social differences.


Two years after we first met, we are now looking forward to our second solo exhibition with him. The exhibition, which opens on August 30, contains about 20 new works. Carlos himself will be on site and we look forward to a spectacular evening where both old and new visitors will experience something great.

On August 30 we open the second exhibition with Carlos Delgado at Lohme Art Gallery.

See available artworks here


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