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Disrupting the Stillness - Open Call

We at Lohme Art Gallery are proud to co-curate an open call exhibition together with the wonderful people at The Visionary Projects in New York.

In these times of isolation, we need things that move us. We need things to happen, and we need an onlineoption. When the traditional isn’t enough, we look for othersolutions. This is what abstract art has always been. The expression of someone’s need to break away from the traditional. A reflection of the idea that there is another way to do it. My way. Your way. Our way.

The exhibition will be hosted in an online viewing room where the visitor can move around freely and look at the art as if they were in an actual gallery. The theme around “Disrupting the Stillness” allows for all kinds of abstract art, from expressive to minimalistic, from paintings to sculpture.


Lohme Art Gallery x The Visionary Projects


The open call is for all artist within the abstract field. We accept submissions worldwide. All accepted artworks will be for sale in the online exhibition, as this is an affordable exhibition, no single piece can cost more than $1,200 USD.

We look forward to reviewing all the submissions and choosing an outstanding selection of abstract art.

Submit your artworks here.


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