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Live painting performance

Arrangement by Lohme Art Gallery at the prestigious Clarion Malmo Live

Carlos Delgado is an internationally renowned award-winning artist with works held in private collections in Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America. His portraits are reminiscent of the great masters, and his name is on everyone's lips right now.

He is born in Colombia, currently living and working in Toronto, Canada. His artistry has attracted attention all over the world, but has mostly been shown in North and South America. At Lohme Art Gallery we are very pleased to be showing his work in Europe.

“Gallery Night” is the largest gallery evening in Sweden with over 30 000 unique visits to galleries, art institutions and museums. This evening Lohme Art Gallery is organizing a live painting performance with Carlos Delgado. To allow a larger crowd, the event will held at the hotel Clarion Malmo Live, where we also arrange an exhibition during the evening.


Live painting starts 30th of September, 20.00


On the 4th of November, the exhibition "Faces of the System" will open at Lohme Art Gallery. The exhibition will continue until November 25th.

This is how the artist describes his series Faces of the system: “The faces in this series are the extension of the individuals which I observe. I unmask the deeper individualistic expression and stories of the individuals with whom we share our collective public spaces. These faces do not belong to just one person, they are all of us, they are me, they are you. Within the layers that we carry around with us each day as we move through our public life, there is a story, a desire to express something, which I allow to come to life through these portraits.”


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