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Lohme Art Gallery goes Live

Grand architecture and interior meet top class art when Lohme Art Gallery makes four exclusive exhibitions at Clarion Malmö Live this spring.

On June 4, 2015, Malmö Live was opened, a high profile complex containing concert halls, congress halls, restaurants, sky bar and hotel. 

In the building's “Living Room”, which is the central point of the venue, the gallery will exhibit estimated artists Emma Lindstrom, Kim Berkhuzien, Omid Ghorab, and Austrian pop art artist Martin Sonnleitner in the spring of 2017. We see this as an excellent opportunity to present some of our artists in a new exciting environment.


"The unique architecture with large surfaces, solid concrete walls and exclusive furnishings creates very favorable conditions for exhibiting art"


It is on these parameters the artists to be displayed have been selected. We are convinced that their artistic styles and expressions will get just the right framing to give the visitor an experience beyond the usual. Wholeness is an important part of these types of arrangements. In the Living Room you can comfortably relax in the comfort of a lounge sofa with a well-composed cocktail.

The first opening will take place Saturday 4 March between 16.00 and 19.00, when a whole new exhibition of Emma Lindstrom will be presented.


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