The beauty of Johnny Romeo

Taking in a work by Johnny Romeo is an experience in itself. Strong colors, one-liners, subtle messages and razor-sharp lines can make it a bit overwhelming at a first glance. What is the artist actually trying to say?

Romeo has devoted his entire life to art and was already as a child fascinated by, among others, Picasso. Later, he has mainly been inspired by colorists and artists in the pop-art scene like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. He doesn’t want to be put in a category, but see himself truly as an artist of the 21st century. In his work, the question of our obsession with popular culture is constantly recurrent and the demonstration of how we tend to follow prevailing trends and influential people.

When first introduced to his work, the viewer immediately starts asking questions. How come some parts of the paintings are almost "erased"? What’s the meaning of the word games and the explosive motives? However, every millimeter of the work is carefully planned, no colors are randomly selected, they all serve a purpose and contributes to the whole. The end product is outstanding.

He doesn’t want to be put in a category, but see himself truly as an artist of the 21st century.

Apart from being aesthetically appealing and startling, the artworks are also an excellent investment. Romeo has done an amazing journey in the art world with several critically acclaimed and sold out exhibitions in both Australia and the United States. There is great demand for everything he does and we at Lohme Art Gallery are proud to be his only gallery representative in Europe. At the moment we have two works in the gallery that will be on show between March 7 and 24, welcome to visit the gallery during our opening hours or book a private view.


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